Shaun Clark

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Shaun Clark is an acoustic/folk singer/songwriter. 
Starting out in 2011 doing open mic nights and small one off gigs every couple of months, I had a slow beginning to my career as a musician. As of the Summer of 2014, all changed for myself as the gigs started to roll in. It has taken its time coming, but after 5 years of working and creating my own image, I can now say I have surpassed the 100 gig milestone and well on the way to 200 (Lets hope it doesn't take another 5 years)
My approach to my music has come from watching the likes of The Levellers and Gaz Brookfield. Although I would not class these two as my only inspiration towards music, they are the main artists I have listened to and created my own style around the joys and fun I have had listening and watching the acts.

Fri 29th June 7pm - 1am

Sat 30th June 12pm - 1am